5 Organization Helpers

  • Planner

One of the most helpful things that I have is my planner. For three years, I’ve kept a planner to keep track of dates and events, as well as homework and to-do lists. I’ve found it helpful to have my life condensed in one place, helping me focus on my goals. And it can also be fun to decorate, doodle and get creative with.



Where to buy: Michaels, Target, and Amazon. My favorite planner brand is called Bloom Daily Planners.

  • Drawer dividers

Do you have a junk drawer full of pencils, pens, random clips, rubber bands, erasers, old receipts, and more than likely dead animals? If you do, then try getting drawer dividers. Clean the drawer and organise pencils in one section, erasers in another, and so on according to your needs.

Where to buy: The Container Store

  • Pencil holders

Relating back to that drawer… there are still way too many writing utensils cluttering it! Well, for me at least, and the way to tackle this mess is with a pencil holder. If this is you right now, (or if you like this DIY) try making this cute, simple DIY pencil holder.

Supplies: A Mason Jar, hot glue or super glue, scissors, any decorations you want. (sparkles, ribbon, Washi/Duct tape, sequins, spray paint, acrylic paint, rubber bands, letter stickers, googly eyes, feathers)

With this DIY, I thought it would be more of a put whatever you want on a Mason jar kind of thing. Let’s be honest, everything looks cute on a Mason jar. Here are some examples:

Where to buy: Michaels, other craft stores

  • Folders

I have a folder with all my “life stuff” in it. For example, doctor’s advice, important documents, personal goals and files, etc. I know that a lot of people organise with files, but if you are a student, it might be simpler to have a couple of folders rather than an entire filing cabinet. I also have “manila” folders without pockets or anything.

Make it cute: Put stickers on it, personalise it with your name, add stickers from your favorite brands, or pictures.


Where to buy: Target, Office depot, Bloom Daily Planners

  • Baskets

Where do you put your journal, bible, recipe book, personal little writing pads? If you find yourself thinking that you really don’t have these things all in one place, consider keeping baskets. I have two baskets, one for personal use, the other for my bible/God-focused use. I’ve found that keeping these things in baskets is not only handy, but looks super cute. Really anything can be put into baskets for easy, pretty storage. I keep mine on a ledge attached above my desk.

Where to buy: I got mine at Michaels, Target also has some, along with other craft and home good stores




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